Our History

Khawaja Mineral Industries (Pvt) Ltd started its journey in 1999 with one Ball Mill and limited production of 45 micron (Top cut) calcium carbonate. To meet rising demand of Talc & Clay, KMI added a new ball mill plant in 2004 and improved its efficiency of plants achieving the 20 micron fineness. In 2007, KMI had three ball mills with far more improved results producing 8 micron products in GCC & Talc. KMI boasts of high tech production and testing equipments like Laser Particle Size analyzer, Chroma Meters, Muffle Furnace, Sterilizing Ovens and International Standard Sieves up to 20 micron to give consistent quality & accurate results to our different markets.

Presently KMI has three Ball Mills of German technology, two roller mills, a coated plant & Impex Mill with a large range of products. KMI has already achieved quality results up to 5 micron & very soon we will introduce 3 micron products.

KMI Journey
1999                       First Ball Mill Grinding Plant
2002                       Fineness achieved up to 45 micron
2002                       In-house grinding plant designing & Fabrication Facility
2004                       Installed 2nd Ball Mill Plant
2004                       Improved fineness up to 20 micron
2005                       Introduced Laser Particle Size Analyzer in QC Lab
2006                       Produced China Clay of fineness up to 10 micron (first time in Pakistan)
2006                       Added Hydro Cyclone Classification Plant             
2007                       Color Meter CR 14 introduced in QC lab
2007                       ISO 9002:2000 certification
2007                       Added 3rd Ball Mill Plant
2007                       Improved fineness up to 8 micron
2008                       1st Roller Plant Mill with turbine classifier
2008                       Installed Batch Coated Calcium Carbonate Plant
2009                       Chroma Meter CR 410 introduced in QC lab
2010                       Improved fineness up to 6 micron
2011                       Re-equipped the QC lab with precision equipment
2012                       Started production of high end Talc with acid solubility less than 2%
2012                       Added sterilization Unit
2012                       Installed Impex Mill with turbine classifier
2013                       Added 2nd Roller Mill Plant
2013                      Installed Imported Continuous Coating Plant

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